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What Do You Mean By Latency?

Latency is the measure of how much time it takes your computer and everything else to respond when you take an action like clicking on a link. A majority of people won’t experience any difference in their Spotify listening or video streaming, but gamers might have problems because of latency. Satellite internet provides higher precision than wired connections. It means that players can experience slower performance from games due to high packet loss rates.

The term “latency” refers to the delay between your input (in this instance , an anchor) and when it is delivered to others. Also it is a factor to consider if you’re playing video games or viewing YouTube videos online , the latency could affect the responsiveness of your device since there’s a risk of things not to be 100% exact in terms of timing based on their speed across fiber optics cables that connect them to our homes where we can experience them first hand.

What is the cause of the latency?

Gaming and end-users who like the ability to access their preferred content from any location and at any time are affected by latency. The latency of your device is influenced by the distance between your computer and the server. Additionally, Wi-Fi strength or type can impact it. It is also contingent on which modem/router combination someone has – there’s plenty available these days! Be prepared if it may appear complicated at first.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time it takes for information to move from one point in space to another. This refers to how far your system is from the server(s) that provide the data required by your device. If it’s not similar enough, then you’ll notice an increase in latency.

Propagation Delay

One of the most important factors in determining how much latency you experience when browsing on your computer or mobile device is called “propagation delay.” It’s simple to see this as just one piece, but it affects every other measurement for bandwidth and connection speed that we take into consideration, such as download speeds (because those rely on getting data packets back from wherever they’re transmitted) and uploads that rely on having a network interface card, and the same is true when connecting wirelessly.

Internet Connection Type

There is a huge variation in the latency between various internet connections. DSL, cable and fiber all have lesser latency that satellite. Satellite’s architecture means that it requires more space for transmission. This leads to longer wait times, as well as better buffering capability on sites you’d like to use like audio or video.

What’s on a Website

Have you ever clicked on one of those links only to wait several minutes for it to load? It was because they were trying to create their Angelfire website look nice. They had glued The Office memes all over it, and now each visit, it takes longer than it normally does.

When you browse a website which contains large files such as HD images or videos, your web browser will need to download all these items. There may be delays due to the fact they might be hosted on an external server.

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